Disabilities Without Borders Scholarship awarded to Kelly

December 6, 2009

Kelly will be a recepient of the 2009/2010 International Scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded to a female skier or skiers with physical disabilities to be part of the National Sports Centre for the Disabled (NSCD) Alpine Racing Team. The NSCD is located in Winter Park, Colorado and has one of the best disabled alpine training programs in the world. Kelly will use the scholarship  to attend races and training with the NSCD.

Kelly was chosen based on her determination, potential for success as a ski racer and role model for other female disabled athletes.

Money for this unique scholarship was raised by five female adaptive ski racers. The girls strived to raise a dollar for every foot they ascended and descended climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

for more information about Disabilities Without Borders or to learn about the girls’ journey please visit the blog: http://disabilitieswithoutborders.blogspot.com/


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