Quality on-snow training in Stubai

March 10, 2011

“After Our first speed races at the Austrian National Championships in St. Lambrecht, we’ve travelled over to Stubai for a weeks’ slalom training. The weather is spring like, we’ve been stripping down to jumpers, eating lunch at the start gate and generally enjoying the sunshine and peace of our very own training slope! Thanks to the Combined Services Dsiabled Ski Team’s good relationship and contacts in Stubai we’ve been enjoying staying at “Howie’s” and having our very own piste to train on. Its such a good set up.

Improving technique in Stubai - March 2011

Improving technique in Stubai - March 2011

Charlotte and I have been improving on our technique from World Championships in preparation for Europa Cup Finals. I’m trying to get my knees across the gates an Charlotte is adjusting to the change in racing line that the improved technique produces.

Some runs are better than others and so we’re enjoying laughing at the gates smacking me in the face when I mess up.

Looking forward to the next races in Spain but not too excited for the long drive through France to get there.”


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