May 24, 2013

I’m delighted after taking the plunge and opting to have some surgery to my right hip. Last night the surgeon came to tell me that the surgery had gone well, I was overjoyed. Thank God and thanks to loads of people for their careful advice and support. Charlotte, our mums, and families, the physiotherapists, sports psychologist, S&C coach and doctor from the sports institute Northern Ireland, our team physio for letting me be indecisive on a very long phonecall but still managing to give professional opinion, the medical scheme for organising all this and always SportNI and all the staff here the hospital in Coventry. I have been complaining and struggling through with the soreness for the past two seasons and was so reluctant to make a decision to have surgery, after my daddy dying last year too, I was lost for confidence in such a huge decision so thank you all so much for showing me how to get along again without him here. Now that it has gone so well I’m excited to get back home and rehab for the next couple of weeks in the hope that when Charlotte and I return to skiing, it will be pain free! Hip hip Horay!! (Like that?! #rubbishjoke)



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